Legal form apps for iPhone, iPod
and other mobile devices

We develop mobile apps that create legal documents from templates. Currently, we sell a "last will and testament" app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. More legal form apps in this series are to follow. The legal forms created by the app are only intended for use in the United States. Through a series of question/answer sessions we build and store your data in your mobile device, once the questionnaire is complete we submit the data for processing via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Our website then immediately creates your legal document in either PDF or Rich Text Font (RTF) format (as selected by the user). RTF format is compatible with MS Word. After creation, the document is viewable inside the app. The website, then emails, to your chosen email address, a copy of the document, as an attachment. All questionnaire data transmitted and the document created are deleted from the website within 24 hours; however, the questionnaire data is stored locally by your app, on your mobile device for later use should you need to alter or replicate your legal form.
Note: The last will app creates wills designed only for use in the 50 US states and the District of Columbia. Also, the user must be online to use our legal form apps.