Application Features LegalFormApps have the following general features.
  • Collects data via a questionnaire system. See click on link to specific app for screenshots.
  • Stores data locally on your mobile device that has been submitted via the questionnaire system. This means you shall be able to answer part of the questionnaire, stop the app, and come back later to finish.
  • Communicates via SSL with this website where PDF and RTF documents are created from legal form templates. The documents are then emailed to you for viewing on your mobile device. RTF documents are compatible with MS Word and, therefore, editable.
  • Shortcut key from app home screen to summary of questionnaire responses and link to get a fresh copy of the document.
  • Support is provided through this website; the user initiates a support session "in app" and is then directed to the appropriate support resources.
  • You may create as many legal forms as desired; however, the app stores only one set of data. For instance, if you create a last will for yourself and then wish to create one for your spouse, the questionnaire data is overwritten when the second document is created.
  • Legal forms are intended for use in the United States
For more information about specific features of a particular LegalFormApp, click on the title below.