About US 'Legal Form Apps' is a division of Cybermill, Inc.. Cybermill, Inc is an St. Louis mobile app developer focused on web technologies and building application for the iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones. Legal From Apps focuses in online legal forms. We use a proven online legal forms system that has sold tens of thousands of legal forms and we have converted them for use on various mobile devices. Legal Form Apps licenses the legal form templates to create their "Legal Apps" from MedLawPlus.com, Inc.. MedLawPlus's form system was created by an attorney, Joseph Raymond (majority owner of MedLawPlus.com, Inc.) and the forms provide a solid foundation for building your legal form. MedLawPlus.com has sold their online apps for over 10 years, so you know your getting a great product.

Legal Form App's, applications currently sold or under development for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. are:

More legal form apps in this series are to follow. All legal form apps are intended for use in the United States only.

*Under development